The products I use to achieve a perfect afro :

1/Ferm Moisture Retainer Cream by Avlon

  • Moisturizes curls and gives body to permed hair
  • Prevents dryness
  • Adds softness and sheen
  • Normalizes pH of hair

Directions : Apply 1-2 teaspoons to activate curls and waves. Use along with Ferm Moisturizing Aqualizer and Keracare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen.

+ : it smells great!






2/ Wave Nouveau Revitalizing Mousse by Softsheen Carson

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Gives hair softness and volume with long lasting waves
  • Adds sheen and provides body without build-up or dryness

Directions : dispense Revitalizing Mousse into hands. Apply to hair and massage throughout while scrunching and defining wave patterns. Proceed with styling as usual. For best results, use daily.

+ : a light texture that melts into the hand







The goal is not to have perfect curls but to get volume. To do it I suggest you to not put too much product on your hair and to blow-dry it with a diffuser putting your hair up and down. Please refer to Taren’s video in the « Hairstyles section ».



The products I use to achieve natural straight hair :

1/ Penetraitt Conditioner by Sebastian

Before achieving each hairstyle, you need to prepare your hair in order to make it easier to tame during the styling. That’s why I use a conditioner after the shampoo that helps me to detangle my hair. To go quicker I do it on the shower, on my hair wet.

  • Intensely nourishes and strengthens
  • Deeply hydrates and repairs damaged, overstyled hair
  • Leaves the hair silky soft, shiny and revitalised

Directions : Remove excess water from hair. Concentrate application at the ends. Rinse thoroughly.

+ : a creamy and rich texture that is pure luxury








2/ Nourishing Hairdress Brillantine by Activilong

After towel drying your hair, separate the hair into sections and put some nuts of Nourishing Brillantine. You can air-dry or blow-dry your hair till getting it completely dry.

  • Remarkably soothes and moisturizes the  hair
  • Restores balance to dull and brittle lengths
  • Protects them from outside aggression

Directions : put some nuts in each section

+ : with shea butter that makes the hair really soft and shiny







Then, flat iron each section (I use the Pro Straight Shine from Wella Professionals). To not damage your hair I advice you to not flat iron your sections too much time (only once or twice). To get your hair as straight as possible from the first passage I suggest you to use a fine tooth comb to put behind the flat iron. It detangles your hair just before receiving the heat (don’t exceed 180° C). Please refer to Taren’s video in the « Hairstyles section ».

The goal is not to have your hair as straight as Janapese. To get a natural effect I suggest you to use a turban with bioactive fabric. Leave it all night long. It conditions and moisturizes the hair. Its assets are released on the lengths of the hair thanks to the body heat. From the first use the result is amazing. The hair is shiny and less breaking.

Take it of. You don’t need to comb your hair. You’re ready for the day!


Here is the result on my hair!


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