The perfect FRO



The products I use to achieve a perfect afro :

1/Ferm Moisture Retainer Cream by Avlon

  • Moisturizes curls and gives body to permed hair
  • Prevents dryness
  • Adds softness and sheen
  • Normalizes pH of hair

Directions : Apply 1-2 teaspoons to activate curls and waves. Use along with Ferm Moisturizing Aqualizer and Keracare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen.

+ : it smells great!

2/ Wave Nouveau Revitalizing Mousse by Softsheen Carson

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Gives hair softness and volume with long lasting waves
  • Adds sheen and provides body without build-up or dryness

Directions : dispense Revitalizing Mousse into hands. Apply to hair and massage throughout while scrunching and defining wave patterns. Proceed with styling as usual. For best results, use daily.

+ : a light texture that melts into the hand

The goal is not to have perfect curls but to get volume. To do it I suggest you to not put too much product on your hair and to blow-dry it with a diffuser putting your hair up and down. (Please refer to Taren’s video in the “Hairstyles section”).

The products I use : 

Ferm Moisture Retainer Cream by AvlonWave Nouveau Revitalizing Mousse by Softsheen Carson

The accessory : 

Blow-dryer with a diffuser


9 réflexions sur “The perfect FRO

      1. Hi Yomi! Your pictures are really beautiful. I am sure your curls are great. Have you ever been in Nigeria or Eritrea? I don’t even know the last one (sorry). I think my curls are between 3c and 4a. I think it could be an interesting topic for my blog. It’s the first time I heard about this kind of classification. I guess it’s often used in the US. I have a lot of things to learn about… Thank you!
        Feel free to correct my English (I am French 😉

      2. Oh wow, I didn’t even notice you were French. Your English is really good. I’ve been to Nigeria, but not Eritrea (that’s in East Africa, connected to Ethiopia). And yes, we use this classification here in the U.S. a lot.

      3. Thank you a lot. I really appreciate the compliment. I am glad to connect with people from all around the world.
        Your blog is good. I hope to get a such qualitative one. I can’t wait for your next posts 😉

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