How to find a good hairstylist?



Few weeks ago, I wrote about my foundation and the difficulty to find out the right color for the best result. Find a hairdresser is as much difficult (if most). But I’ve found a new one! The hair salon is Pierre Yves Lila (PYL) which is dedicated to frizzy hair.

Cutting my hair frightened me at first as I’ve always been disappointed by the hairstyles I got in standard hair salons. Furthermore, most of black women who go in hair salons want to have their hair straightened, so it’s hard to find some qualified hairdressers who perfectly know frizzy/natural hair specificities. But it’s not impossible! Find the right hairdresser needs time and patience. I suggest you to try several hair salons till you find it. But I also suggest you to explain exactly what you want. Don’t let a misunderstanding ruin your hair. Bring a picture of what you think is the perfect haircut for you to be sure to get a good result. You won’t get exactly the same thing but what counts is a hairstyle that fits to your personality.


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